10,000 lb. Symmetric or Asymmetric 2-Post Lift


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10,000 lb. capacity symmetric or asymmetric 2-post lift with mirrored s-shaped column and adjustable width and height (136.5 to 142.5 in.)



  • 10,000 lb. lift capacity
  • 3-stage front arms provide greater sweep for versatility and ease of spotting
  • Can be installed in either symmetric or asymmetric position, depending on your service needs
  • Premium double telescoping screw pads adjust to multiple heights minimizing the need for adapters
  • Adjustable heights and widths provide versatility at installation for service facilities with special constraints
  • Single-point mechanical lock release system allows technician to disengage both columns simultaneously
  • Padded overhead shut off system prevents vehicle damage
  • Premium powder coat finish provides long-lasting durability
  • Plated arm restraints and arm pins inhibit rust and provide long-lasting durability



Load carrying capacity 10,000 lbs
Lifting height 74-1/2 inch
Lifting/lowering time approx. 48 Lifting s
Color Red or Blue
Power supply 2 hp/Single-phase/60 Hz V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 129/135 or 131.5/137.5 x142.5 inch



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